Pam is a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of Lifefactory, a market leader providing reusable glass bottles with protective silicone sleeves for the entire family. She also founded The Cookie Department, a functional food company.


Pam has a passion for keeping toxic chemicals out of people’s bodies. She is an advocate for health and environmental issues, and an outspoken critic of the health issues with plastic. She began her career as a pediatric physical therapist working with handicapped children and babies. As a feeding therapist in the neonatal nursery, she became concerned when she learned about the dangers of plastic and saw excessive plastic waste in the hospital. Her area of expertise is health and entrepreneurship.


While speaking at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, she began working with the Plastic Pollution Coalition. In 2012, she became the Entrepreneur Mentor for Think Beyond Plastic competition for entrepreneurs with businesses addressing the problem of plastic pollution.


She is now the Senior Director of Consumer Products for the Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Forum and Business Accelerator. She is also on the advisory board for SXSW Eco in Austin, a regular guest lecturer at the Presidio Graduate School of Sustainable Business, and a presenter for SXSW Interactive, which showcases the latest in innovation and technology.


Pam is a forward thinking entrepreneur who is passionate about mentoring a new generation of eco-preneurs.